Sunday, November 16, 2008

After a long day

We drove down to Murrieta to visit with Uncle Ron and Mary yesterday, and it wiped us right out.


Anonymous said...

They look so cuddled and sweet! I need this copy!!!

love, beth

Anonymous said...

What wonderful posts of your dad's visit. Such sweet pictures of the two of them together. And what a great dad to do all the fixins around the house. Mine used to do that too. And John just painted Susan's room in Germany. Must be a dad-thing.

I'm so glad Timmy's been sleeping better, feeling comfortable and not throwing up. I sure hope your nurse doesn't get chosen for the jury too!
Love, Donna S.

Anonymous said...

thank you for these updates! the pictures are beautiful. Just having some family around is a relief I'm sure! :)
we love you all.