Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Highlights from Nana's visit

Nana was here for about the last week.  We were sad to see her go this morning.  Pictures from her visit are now available in the photo gallery.  Here are some of the highlights from her visit:
  • Laughter and playing with Timmy (yes, he's even had some good giggles, although he usually giggles with a straight face!)
  • Nana and Mama and Daddy went to the Candlelight Processional at Disneyland... Yay!  Fun!
  • The ophthalmologist said that Timmy's eyes are healthy.  His tracking may come and go, but for now he does not have retinitis pigmentosa (tunnel vision/ night vision).  Also, some time around when the seizure meds were stopped (a coincidence? we don't know!), Timmy's eyes stopped "dancing".  Yay!  
  • Timmy's medical supplies got organized, and the cleanliness spread.  The dining room table has now become a dining room table, because the desk has now become a desk.
  • The Christmas tree is up, and the house is decorated for Christmas.  Timmy fell asleep when Nana and Mama were decorating the tree, and when he woke up his face lit up at the sight of the tree.  It was the closest thing we've seen to a smile in a long time!
  • We met up with Timmy's teacher at the Christmas tree farm.  Timmy got to see the animals in the petting zoo.  He even got to drop some food into the pig's dish!  Those sheep were pretty loud, though.  They seemed a little scary.  The pine branch was prickly, and Timmy figured that if he hid his face from it, it would surely go away.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, for the wonderful time! It was very difficult to say goodbye. It is evident that you are drawing closer to the ONE who sustains you!