Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Travels & Mother's Day

Last year we celebrated Mother's Day at Papaya Bay restaurant in Redlands (one of my very favorites!). Timmy was still doing quite well. He was pretty tired, and getting close to Diagnosis Day... but he was still eating and smiling and standing and laughing and taking a binky. No tubes or meds.

Tomorrow I leave for New York, so that I can be with my sister and brother-in-law as they welcome their precious child into the world. So even though we won't get to hold our own precious little one this Mother's Day, I am looking forward to being with my family and meeting this sweet niece or nephew. And I think that under the circumstances, that will be about the best way imaginable to spend the day.

P.S. I posted more photos from last Mother's Day in the photo gallery.


Ingrid said...

This is such an adorable picture. He certainly was a beautiful boy!
Praying for you...and I will also be praying for Beth! :)

Kathie said...

Oh, I love those two faces. Prayers for travel and the new arrival and time with family and your heart in it all.

Jason said...

Safe travels! Best wishes to Beth!!

mom/nana said...

I've been praying for your trip, but will also pray for the Mothers Day phenomenon. Very very sweet picture. Once a mama, always a mama. Happy Mothers Day, Lara - God is holding him for you this year.

knolenik said...

This is a great photo! :) So special and sweet!

I hope and pray for a great and safe trip! Love you XOXOX