Monday, September 29, 2008

Mic-key button

Nana was asking about what the difference is with Timmy's new mic-key button compared to his old tube. The main things are that:

  • the G and J tubes run side by side rather than having the smaller J tube inside of the larger G tube
  • both tubes are wider and therefore less likely to clog.  One bonus of this is that I feel more comfortable giving his vitamins, because I can put them directly into his intestines and reduce tummy ache.
  • if he is not being fed, the only thing attached to him is a small "button". The tubes themselves can be removed. This would be nicer if he weren't being fed all the time, but even so it makes it easier for baths. And I can rinse the tubes out in the sink rather than always having to give Timmy extra water to clean the tubes. And if Timmy did get a clog on the part that's outside of his tummy, I can remove the tubes and replace them.
  • when the tubes are replaced, (as long as there isn't a question of whether they are still in the right place or not) there is no need for endoscopy and sedation.  It should be a much simpler process.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for the update!