Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Timmy TV ;-)

Thank you to those of you who gave us cash for Timmy's birthday. We used some of it to buy peace of mind in the form of a video baby monitor.

A couple days ago, at bed time, Timmy was having a hard time falling asleep. I rocked and danced for quite a while, but it was not working. So I set him down to get a few bites of food before trying again. I figured I could hear him on the audio baby monitor. But he was able to fuss silently until I barely could hear him puking. Even though no one likes to hear a baby cry, I definitely prefer it over silent stiffening and puking. So that is when I decided that audio is not enough.

This way I can see if he is awake or sleeping, content or agitated (and therefore puking or arching his back or stiffening). I also feel more comfortable sleeping in my own bed if I know that at any time I can just look up to see what he is doing. So thanks!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is really cool - and certainly does buy a bit of a peace of mind.