Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clogged tube again - please pray!

Timmy seems to be teething again, so I put some infant Tylenol into his feeding tube. Apparently that's pretty sticky stuff, and the tube is once again clogged. Lauri and I are trying desperately to unclog it and avoid a trip to the ER. Please pray that we won't have to go to the ER, and that if we do, that the Clog Zapper treatment will work again and Timmy won't have to be poked until we can plan for it better.

Thanks for your prayers!!!

Update:  10 PM
Timmy is still at home and sleeping.  We have worked with the doctor to find a way to get him hydration and meds and sleep overnight.  In the morning if the tube is still clogged, then we will need to go into the ER.  At that time, we will try the super duper clog buster stuff that worked last time.  If that doesn't work, then I think it will require a trip to the OR to replace the tube.  :-(


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I pray you are getting or going to get good news about de-clogging and go home soon!
I also am praying for some sort of relief for Timmy that doesn't clog his feeding tube! Give him lots of hugs and squeezes and kisses from his auntie. :)