Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prayer request: Clogged feeding tube

We are headed to the hospital to get the super de-clogger treatment.  Please pray that it will work quickly and that Timmy won't need to get poked.


Anonymous said...

praying everything went or is going well...give timmy a huge kiss from his auntie (and the rest of the Williames clan, of course!)!
amberleigh said she wishes timmy could come out for her birthday party, but understands! ;)
Love you all...

Bonni said...

I was looking at your blog tonight to try to figure out how you got a photo gallery on your page (I'm assuming you used
We'll be praying for Timmy tonight.
Love you guys,

Marshall said...

The photo gallery is a feature of MobileMe. I customized the Blogger template to add the link to it at the top of the page.

On the other hand, the photos that are in many of the blog entries are hosted on Blogger itself. Lara posts those from her iPhone by e-mailing them to the blog.

If you want to put your photos online and don't want to pay for MobileMe, you could use use Flickr. It's free (for basic use), and it's pretty easy to add a Flickr link to the side of a Blogger page. Mom and Britany have done this.

Hope this helps!