Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A good night

We had a great night. The nurse gave him a regular dose of Tylenol overnight, and Timmy slept until 7 am! He is awake and cheery this morning. A subtle thing to notice in this morning's picture is that Timmy is turned (by himself) to the right. When Timmy is in pain, he keeps his head turned to the left and does not want to look even to the middle. So this is really encouraging to me.

This morning, Timmy will start to get food through his new tube. We will start with Nutramigen. Then we will see what timing the doctors suggest for changing to a formula that is more appropriate for a big one year old like Timster.  Hopefully we can go home real soon, but I'm not sure exactly when.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!
He looks like he's having some happy dreams! I'm so glad things are starting to go well and pray that you will get to go home soon!
Semmie :)

Anonymous said...

It's Friday & we just got back in town--I was so anxious to hear how the surgery went and am THRILLED to read that it went well and that you are...(drum roll)...home! And his smile is such a beautiful sight!
Love, Donna S.