Thursday, September 18, 2008

The new normal

The days have been busy this week. We have a couple months of physical, occupational, and speech therapies coming up at the outpatient clinic. There Mama will learn as much as she can so that we can continue them at home after that -- with check-ups on occasion to refresh our memories. Right now we are on a big push for 15-30 minutes per day total of tummy time to see if we can get back any of the head control and sitting abilities that Timmy used to have.

Also Mama was noticing a few things that just didn't seem right -- not the least of which was an unexplained loss of strength in the last few days. So we saw the pediatrician yesterday and found that he has another slight urinary tract infection. As soon as we started the antibiotic, he started sleeping better. Yay! So now there are a couple more tests to do to see if we can figure out what's up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lara,

Praying that both you and Timmy get a good night's sleep tonight!

God Bless,

Julie R.

Anonymous said...

What a great caregiver you have become!! Just remember, caregivers need care too. Love Oma

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are an amazing who notices that "something isn't right" enough to contact the dr. and find out he had a urinary tract infection.
--Donna s.

Anonymous said...

God has provided for you in so many ways - not the least of which are your discernment and mercy gifts! Thanks so much for the update. Please give a big hug and kiss to Timmy from Nana.