Monday, September 01, 2008

Staying the night

Multiple attempts over the course of the day to unclog the J tube were unsuccessful.  By this evening, we could get a wire a little bit further into the tube than before, but no liquids would go through.  It's been decided that the tube needs to be replaced.

Timmy's been admitted for the night; we're in the only unit that we didn't visit on the fifth floor during our previous tour (apart from Cardio).  He has an IV now for hydration.  The doctor is going to try to get us in first thing tomorrow morning to do the replacement.

The replacement tube will be just like he has now; they want to wait at least a month before doing the mic-key button.  We don't yet know how the replacement affects the original schedule.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. It seems God has things in mind that I don't. It is difficult to be this far away from the need, you know? We keep praying and trust you'll let us know how to be specific.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Guys. Prayers and love. Oma

Susie said...

Sorry to hear the clog didn't move some more. Is the GI doc the one doing the surgery (the female that saw him yesterday)? Pray all goes well and he can go back home, even today.
Prayers & love,
Susie Cullop

Anonymous said...

Since we are two hours ahead of you guys, I have an extra two hours to wonder about updates. Any schedule as of yet? You were prayed for by our marketing team this morning! Give Timmy a kiss for me, please.