Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hangin' out with Lauri

Friends are wonderful things. Today there were several of them who just blessed our socks off. First Timster and I spent the afternoon at our friend Lauri Ficke’s house. Her nursing expertise has been invaluable. With her encouragement, I was able to de-stress a bit, which helped Timmy to sleep too. He got about a 2 hour nap on her bed this afternoon. Praise God!

Then when we got home, 2 of my good friends from church came by with dinner and helped to clean up the kitchen and the bathrooms. They killed lots of germs and got things looking and feeling MUCH nicer - another bit of stress relief.

Please continue to pray for good naps and good eating for Timmy, and for my milk supply to come back up to where it should be. I’ve been feeling like my supply is low, so I gave him some formula today and found that it gave him hives. So if he isn’t able to keep nursing I’m going to have to pump until we can find an alternative that he isn’t allergic to. But if I’m pumping, then I’m not holding and cuddling or playing with him on the floor - and that’s hard on both of us.

With hope, Lara

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