Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sometimes Daddy’s just what you need...

In thanking all of my friends yesterday for their help for our family, I am realizing that I took for granted one of the biggest helps I had yesterday: Timmy’s fabulous daddy! When he came home from work on Tuesday, his wife was just one big ball of stress, and he really stepped up to the plate. He helped to feed Timmy and get him ready for bed. Then he volunteered to stay home from work and do some of the odd jobs that needed to be done. So yesterday he returned calls to various doctor’s offices and friends. He went to the store and got the things that we so urgently needed, like baby food, milk, juice, and some higher flow bottle nipples. He also picked up a small digital scale so that Mama can weigh Timmy’s diapers. It might seem crazy, but I think that having a tangible way to determine for sure that my little one is well hydrated is going to take a huge load of stress off of my shoulders. And a relaxed Mama helps the rest of the family relax too!

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