Thursday, August 21, 2008

More photos

For those of you who are interested, Nana has posted the pictures from their California trip to her Flickr account.

(Note: Some of the pictures -- particularly of the G/J tube and the surgery -- are not all that pleasant. If you or your children might be bothered by that, you may want to stick to the first 8 pages or so.)

In honor of Nana's pictures, I have included the picture she took of Timmy at his party as everyone was singing "Happy Birthday." His huge grin just shouts, "Everybody's singing for me??!!? I love singing!" That was one of Mama's favorite moments!

And speaking of the party, thank you all so much again. That was just a really special day for our family. Timmy was doing so well and was so excited to be the center of attention. We really appreciate each of you who organized or decorated or sent gifts or cakes or participated in any way. Don't forget to look at the pictures in the photo gallery. If you have any more to add, you can either choose "upload" or email them to me and I'll do it!


Anonymous said...

And for those of you who do venture into the Flickr world of pictures, note that Nana calls Lara "Mommy" throughout as a designation. To Timmy, he is Mama. So, rather than going back and editing all the references, I thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had a good birthday celebration and are home with Brutus! Something about the animals that make everything better. Hope all is going well with the tube - think about you constantly - all our love -

Anonymous said...

I know those giggles are like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. And how cute that exaggerated yawns help bring them on.

I too am so glad that the home health nurse is visiting weekly. Are you able to take him outside--like out in the yard? Babies usually love the outdoors so much.

Continuing in prayer, Donna S.