Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hydration update

Nursing seemed to be getting better, but now it’s getting worse again. My body doesn’t keep up a good supply of milk with pumping alone. Timmy doesn’t like the soy formula, and even the good formula from Nana gives him hives. :-(

I have two friends whose children have feeding tubes, and they have encouraged me that they’re not the worst thing in the world. Both the mom and the grandma of a little boy with cerebral palsy said that he really likes it, because he knows it’s getting him the nutrition he needs. And he can still eat what he wants on top of what he gets in the tube. So it looks like that will be a topic of discussion for the pediatrician tomorrow. (We happen to have a follow-up already scheduled with her for just exactly when we need it.) If we go that direction, he’ll get a tube in his nose to get him through the weekend and then he’ll have some minor surgery sometime next week to put one directly into his tummy. It would be nice if somehow he could make it through the weekend to avoid the nose one, but he had one before (when he was in the NICU at 2.5 weeks old) and he can do it again. Either way we just want to be sure he’s getting what he needs.


Anonymous said...


I know what it's like to worry that your child may not be getting enough nutrition/hydration. And I know the thought of a feeding tube is probably a little bit scary for you right now. But, believe me, you will feel SO relieved once it's done. Then you will know that your sweet boy is getting everything that he needs!

And Chuck, and I, and my mom will be here to help you get used to the tube or answer any questions you may have. Dalton LOVES his tube. He knows he needs it...and we know he needs it.

We'll pray for Timmy's Dr. appt. Remember that my mom can watch Timmy in the nursery on Sunday for second service. Let me know.

God Bless,

Lara said...

Julie, Can you tell me more about the surgery itself? Do you remember how long it took Dalton to recover and how long he was in the hospital? And do you have experience with the nose kind if I need help and the other Julie and Lauri are both not available for some reason??

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,
We continue to keep you and the family in our daily prayers.