Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yesterday’s Pediatrician Visit

Yesterday we took Timmy to follow-up with his pediatrician. We gave her the update on what happened at the hospital, along with a list of doctors that we would like to follow up with so that she can help get that process started. She was a great listener and patiently answered the questions or referred me to other people who will be able to answer them. 

We discussed the feeding tube and agreed that it is time for one, although the clinic didn’t have any ng tubes (the one that goes in the nose) to tide us over. I know that it sounds rather shocking to hear that he’s going to have a feeding tube, but I am convinced that it is really going to help. Right now, even if things are going “well”, Timmy spends huge amounts of time and energy eating. And although he hasn’t had a huge drop like he did at the beginning, his weight has been fluctuating a bit, rather than seeing a nice even increase. So I think it is going to free up his time and energy to do things like play and sit and roll over (and eventually hopefully crawl and walk) and gain weight. I’m going to push the doctors to let him continue to eat small quantities at mealtimes for the enjoyment of eating, but to depend on the tube for the bulk of his calories and nutrition. And once the surgery happens, you won’t even be able to tell that he has one unless he lifts his shirt.

So in the meantime she gave us samples of various soy and lactose-free formulas to try in addition to nursing and pumping. And hopefully that will get us through until the surgery.

Then in the evening, Marshall and I enjoyed a fabulous date. We saw Wall-E and went out to eat. Yay!


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a fabulous job taking care of Timmy and eachother. Much love and prayers. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Oh praise God! I know to some this might not seem like a praise, but it definitely is -- Timmy will be getting the nutrition he needs! One less thing you guys need to worry about! :)

Maybe he and Amberleigh will start crawling and/or walking at the same time!

God bless you, little are so loved!

And YEA!! that you and Marshall got to go on a date! (and see Wall-E!!)!

I'm sure that was a good time for you 2 to be alone and reconnect as a couple.

You'll have to let me know how the movie was! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the parents God has called you to be! And I'm glad you got some entertainment last night. Good idea about allowing Timmy the taste of foods and yet providing for his nutrition. You'll have a lot to teach us when we visit!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lara,

I wish I could give you info about the ng tube, but Dalton never had one. He has always had one that went straight into his tummy. And you asked about the recovery time from the surgery. Well...Dalton had his tube put in at the same time that he had a MAJOR surgery called a nissin fundoplication (spelling?). So, his recovery took a while. I do believe, however, that the surgery to put in the tube is not a major thing.

Dalton wanted me to tell you again that he loves his tube! He is sure that Timmy will love his tube also. Lara, it really does become just a part of everyday life...believe me! And you will be so relieved to know that Timmy is getting all of the nutrients that he needs.

We continue to lift Timmy up in prayer!

God Bless,
Julie (and the whole Ross family)sshyt7

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job with decisions that have to be made. We are all thinking of you and loving you from far away. Thank you for keeping all of us posted on a daily basis - it helps us to know what is going on. Much love...

Anonymous said...

Cool beans on the feeding tube, all the pics, an awesome mom and dad, and Wall-E! I saw it Friday with my nephews; too cute!

Next time you come up, can Timmy please sneeze some more peas on my knees?

Anonymous said...

I think overtime, you will truly find the feeding tube a blessing. A few weeks ago, when Derek was very sick (vomiting), we were able to give him Pedialyte and beef or chicken stock through the pump at night to keep him hydrated and at least a little bit of nutrition. When you are ready to talk, give us a call, or I'll try this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larita,

I know that the G-tube placement is a bit different than what I had which was a PICC line through which I received TPN. I can tell you that being hydrated and well nourished is so important and I am so glad that you have decided to have Timmy get a G-tube placed, you will fell much better about it once you get use to the tube. With the placement of my PICC line the process was pretty fast, yet I stayed in the hospital a few days just to make sure that placement was correct that the flow of the TPN was good and that I was getting the right nutrition. Once everything was good for the doctors I was sent home, Marc and I were both trained on how to take care of the site and how to mix the TPN and how to infuse it. Well I hope this is a little helpful. I better head to bed, just wanted to let you know that I love you a ton and I am here for you and Timmy and Marshal whenever you need me.

loving and praying for you,
tu amiga Martita.