Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dehydrated again

Warning:  This may be considered a "too much information" sort of a post.  ;-)

Please pray for good diapers this morning. The doctor on Wednesday confirmed my suspicions that the vomiting is due to weak digestive muscles that are having a hard time getting the food through fast enough. I am concerned this morning that Timmy may be too blocked up to be allowing food through. He needs to have a good dirty diaper and even his wet diapers aren't very wet. If we can't resolve this quickly, we will need to head to the ER to avoid dehydration and malnutrition. :-(

UPDATE:  noon
I have been pumping lots of pedialyte through Timmy's tube, and we picked up Timmy's prescription for erythromycin as well as some baby laxative.  We also have permission from the GI doctor on call to give 1-2 ounces of plum juice per day.  So far I gave the laxative and the erythromycin, and we did have a medium sized dirty diaper.  So I am still hoping for more, but this is a great start.  Now we work on getting him good and hydrated and we see if we can re-start the formula and get some calories and vitamins back into him.

Timmy is still not tolerating his formula.  I just gave a second dose of erythromycin and laxative, and an ounce of plum juice.  If there is no poop within the next hour or so, we head to the ER.  :-(

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the things we take for granted. And it doesn't ever qualify as too much information for me! Love and prayers from Nana.