Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday night update

Just wanted to confirm that we did make it home yesterday.

Timmy still is having a bit of trouble keeping things down, but the new tube is working much better. His tummy contents do not look formula colored, so that means that it's doing its job and keeping the food in the intestines and not the stomach. He's having good diapers, so hopefully the puking will subside a bit once his body recovers better from the surgery.

I must say that as much as I don't like to be admitted to the hospital, staying the night in the ER is worse.  It is just impossible for a kid to sleep, which makes it impossible for a Mama to sleep either.  We actually did manage to both fall asleep at one point, but then they woke us up to switch rooms, and the rest of the night was pretty miserable with an overtired Mama and child. Timmy was up almost the whole night, and then when they went to sedate him it took 4 doses and I still don't think it worked very well. He was just so wired from insufficient sleep that it worked against the sedation for the procedure.  They said that he clenched his jaw and refused to open his mouth to put the scope down it, so they really had to force it. Poor kid!

However, there were some really bright spots, too:
  • We had private rooms both times.
  • They got the IV in one shot!  And it was the same nurse who de-clogged the feeding tube a couple of visits ago.  She used a hint from our nurse friend on where to look and right away she got it.  Praise the Lord!
  • As we were waiting, Marshall and I were sitting there reflecting on how rare it is to come across people who are familiar with mitochondrial disease. Then the resident walked in. We had never met her before, but she said that she is a friend of some friends from church and she has been praying for us and has visited this blog! What a blessing that was! It was just really an encouragement.
Please keep praying for us as we look for a home nurse.  The first nurse we had was only here for one day and found a full time placement elsewhere.  Since then we have had the trainers come in as subs, and they are wonderful — but we can't keep them!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys, I ached for you. There are a LOT of people who read this blog and pray for you, whether they leave messages or not. So, a home nurse will be the main prayer request right now! I am so sorry he had a hard time in sedation. I think he takes after Nana. Sleeping pills (tried them in international travel) don't work on me well at all - too wired. I love you so much, and wish I could kiss Timmy's cute little forehead. God is good all the time, and I cling to that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed update. I too check the blog many times.


Unknown said...

I jump on daily to get an update and to know what to pray for. Know that you all are being surrounded in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I ache, too, in reading what you just went through. What a hard, hard time. But how kind of the Lord to send the nurse who knew just how to get the IV in and also for sending you a spiritual hug through the resident who has prayed for you.

Why don't you put on your blog the number of weekly hours you're looking for a home nurse? Networking is often how we find things we need, & we can all go into "look-out" mode.
Love, Donna S.

Unknown said...

Just wanted you to know that we also read your blog and are praying for you and Timmy. We so admire your faithfulness in blogging and your persevering cheerfulness. Hugs from the UK, Rob and Alice Longhurst