Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday update


  • Timmy's coordination continues to improve. As you can see, if I lay him next to his musical table, he actively plays with it.
  • Despite some threats, my own health seems to be doing well overall.
  • The doctor has approved us to not give the medicine that was making me have to get up in the middle of the night.
  • We were given a gift certificate to the Mission Inn and we have some dear friends who have agreed to watch Timmy overnight so that we can get away for a night next weekend.
  • Timmy has not had any seizures since we have been home.

Prayer requests:

  • For wisdom as we decide about what and how much to feed Timmy and what meds he needs. He has an extremely sensitive tummy.
  • Vomiting continues to be an issue. Please pray for wisdom on how to keep it at a minimum. Please also pray that his lungs would be protected from pneumonia caused by the vomiting.
  • That we would find just the right nurse to give Mama a break - someone wise and kind and dependable.
  • For my health - especially for my endometriosis and some dental issues that may require more surgery.
  • For sleep for all of us.
  • For traveling mercies as we head to San Diego tonight for some blood tests tomorrow.
  • For continued protection from seizures.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do pray for all these things, Lara. What a committed woman you your Lord and to your family. Much more is on your plate than most young women your age and I am blessed just seeing the grace and strength you exhibit in this difficult time. --Donna S.

Anonymous said...

Will put those items on the prayer list. How was the San Diego trip? I'm so glad you two will be able to get away for a night! Bless you all as you continue to discover what God is doing.