Monday, October 06, 2008


Ok, so this is a horrible, blurry picture. But look at what Timmy is doing! He is sitting (with some help but still doing it nonetheless) and hitting the buttons on his little turtle! HE hit them. I didn't have to do it for him. Yay!!


Anonymous said...

Play a little tune, Timmy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Timmy! there anything little T needs?? That he didn't get for his bday?? I wanted to send you guys something but wasn't sure what you really needed?? Love you guys!

Lara said...

Anything he needs, huh? The biggest things are the everyday stuff like clothes (size 18 months or higher... he is rapidly outgrowing the 12 month clothes) and diapers (we are finishing up on size 3's... almost to size 4's) and Pedialyte. The physical therapist recommended that we make or buy a little scooter like the one we used in therapy (see previous blog post) - something a couple inches off the ground that he can use to push off in preparation for crawling. They also recommended that we find or make some bolsters of different sizes - either cylinder shaped pillows or rolled up towels or blankets. When I look online I am seeing things that are called neckroll pillows that look like they might work - especially if they are firm and come in different thicknesses. Oh, and if you buy Timmy clothes, please think about where the feeding tube might come out. Separate pants and shirts are far better than onesies, for example. And if you have zip-up PJ's, there's just no place for a tube to come out at all. I have to give meds in the middle of the night, so his tube needs to be accessible. So buttons work lots better than zippers if it's a full body kind of outfit.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! I can just sense your joy through your post, Lara!
Thinking of Timmy accomplishing these things, coupled with answers to prayer, brings tears to my eyes!
We love you so much!