Friday, October 31, 2008

An outing with Oma

Lara, Timmy, and Oma went on a trip today to the mission at San Juan Capistrano. I just posted the pictures, so be sure to check them out in the photo gallery! I also posted a second album of a random assortment of pictures from my iPhone this month.

Also of note, Timmy has not puked in almost a week now - not once since Oma has been here. I think may be the first week without puking since he was admitted to the hospital in early July. Clearly his tube is now in the right spot and he is being fed an amount that is pretty appropriate for him!

Lastly, our nurse that started this week is fabulous. She is patient-centered, good at getting Timmy to sleep (although none of us have been very good at helping him to stay that way), and she sends text messages to let me know how he is doing when I am out. So hopefully we can keep her around!


Anonymous said...

This is great! Hopefully you can settle into a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful that the nurse is so great! And equally wonderful that Timmy hasn't thrown up for a whole week. I know that's such a comfort. -Love, Donna S.

Anonymous said...

Hey, It's been a long time since Danielle and Craig's wedding. We are in MN. now and I heard through the grapevine of Timmy's condition. He has been in my prayers since last July.
I wanted to encourage you to look into going to Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia to one of their Be In Health seminars. Many people have found healing there when the medical community has said there is no hope. They deal with spiritual roots of diseases.
It's good to hear of small victories for Timmy. God bless you all! Love, Lori B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lara,

It was wonderful to see Timmy at church today!! Hooray!

I just had to comment on the previous comment. As the parent of a disabled child, it is VERY difficult when others mention possible "spiritual roots of diseases." Lara, you and I both know that Timmy's syndrome IS NOT caused by sin in either your's or Marshall's life...just as Dalton's disability IS NOT caused by sin in my or Chuck's life. Scripture definately supports that! John 9:2.

Your Timmy and my Dalton are gifts from the Lord and both have blessed numerous people in so many ways. Some of the blessings we will see in this world and others will not be known until we get to heaven. If Timmy has to have Leigh's Syndrome and Dalton has to have CP so that even one person will come to Christ...then to God be the Glory!!!

Love to you all,

Julie Ross

Anonymous said...

Praise God for you, Julie R! And Amen.

Unknown said...

That is wonderful news on the puking and the nurse. God is good!

Am continuing to pray!


Anonymous said...

I really do know your pain. My son went home to be with the Lord 11 years ago. I miss him terribly. When I heard about Timmy I thought about my own son Marc. I know they will see each other soon and Marc will have a great friend. Marc was 26 when he passed and he loved children especially babies. I will keep you in my prayers. Remember, Timmy could never be here on earth as he is in the presence of the almighty God!