Thursday, July 31, 2008

Answers to a few questions

Feeding tubes and surgery: Today we hope to place the nasal tube past Timmy's stomach (an NJ tube) in hopes that it will greatly reduce the reflux without the nissen surgery. At this point, we would expect to feed him for a few days after that, and if all goes well we would go home with the NJ tube. Then, depending on how Timmy's strength is holding up and a on what we decide on the nissen, we would decide whether to continue to pursue any surgery, such as a G tube or JG tube.

As for Timmy's hands, he will hold things like a small rattle or a hand-sized tube or a rolled up washcloth if you put them in his hands. Usually he doesn't voluntarily pick up things or grab things or bring his hands to his mouth. He will sometimes pull glasses off of someone's face if given a little encouragement. He will gladly hold a finger or sometimes pull hair or a shirt. Some days his hands are pretty clenched and we have some splints to put on him to help him to relax the muscles and teach him not to keep them so tight.

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Anonymous said...

Lara and Marshall,
Like my mom said, words just seem so hollow...our hearts ache for you and we are continually lifting your dear family up before the Lord in prayer. Your blog has served to remind me to BE THANKFUL for my children and to TREASURE every moment with often I find myself getting frustrated over the most trivial things. Thank you for sharing so openly. You are blessing the rest of us, even while you suffer so deeply!
Your cousin,