Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday night

Here is a picture of Danielle and Timmy after she was helping him get to sleep.

No word yet on the X-ray.

Our roommate did leave and so far we have the room to ourselves. We will see how long that lasts.

The IV is barely working, if at all. We have stopped the fluids because he should be getting enough hydration through the feeding tube. We are really praying that Timmy will tolerate his feedings (not puke) so that we may be able to just leave it out and go home. We are giving him just 5 ml per hour less than the goal amount so we are almost there. However, we have been this close several times before and then he puked and we had to start all over again. We tried putting the tube farther into him past the stomach but it didn't make it to the right place.

Today's recommended scripture reading is Psalm 20. I encourage you to check it out and pray it on our behalf.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lara,

You all are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! Dalton is very happy that Danielle (one of his most favorite people and one of his most favorite cousins) is there with you and Timmy.

Lara, you continue to amaze me. Your strength, stamina, and boundless love for your boy should be an inspiration for us all!

Praying you'll be home soon,

Julie Ross

Rhonda said...

Good choice, Lara. And I did pray through it for you. If you want to read the prayer response, you can check out the blog. Love you!