Monday, July 07, 2008

Today’s update

It is now almost 2 PM. I have spent all morning on the phone trying to make arrangements to get Timmy admitted and checking to be sure that our Idaho insurance will still cover us. It looks like the insurance is OK for now, but I still don’t have confirmation that the hospital has a bed for him. However, Timmy has not had enough to eat today, and although I could put the NG tube back in, I feel that it is time for outside help. So I am packing things up and shortly we will be headed to the hospital.

If they don’t have a bed for him when we get there, then I will check us into the ER to get Timmy hydrated and see if that will push the process forward. I know that the admissions department has been faxed the orders from the doctor, so hopefully that will help to shorten the wait. Here we go!

2:45 PM Update from Marshall: As Lara was on her way to the ER, the hospital called and said they had a bed ready. So we’re going through the normal channels after all.


Anonymous said...

God is good. I'm so grateful for these updates. It's painful to be this far away.

Anonymous said...

Marshall and Lara -
I wish there was more I could do than wish you, Lara, and little Timmy the best. I hope all goes well with the procedure. My thoughts as well as those of my family are with you.
Bibhuti and family