Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Waiting for results

Timmy is done with the first two tests now, both of which were checking for acid reflux. He had a 24-hour pH “probe” (like an NG tube, but with a monitor to detect acid levels) from yesterday afternoon to today, and he had an Upper GI test this afternoon, where he swallowed a substance that lets them see his esophagus and stomach on an X-ray. He did well through the tests. Tomorrow we’ll be talking with doctors to see what the results are and what will be the next steps to take.

One issue that Timmy’s been having is that his IV (which is being used for hydration) has not been staying in, and it’s hard to get it in to begin with. Each time he loses it, it can take several tries to get it back in. So please be praying that the IV stays put.

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Anonymous said...

I've been praying and waiting for an update. Is Mac working? I'm glad you two are a team ... stay that way for Timmy!