Monday, July 07, 2008

In the hospital

So it looks like I will be making most of the blog posts for the rest of this week, probably in the evenings when I get home, in between hospital visits.

Timmy was admitted to the hospital this afternoon as planned, and he is now hooked up to an IV that’s getting him the fluids that he needs. Tomorrow they’ll start the reflux tests, where he is fed “normally” and they measure the acid levels outside the stomach. I’m not sure how soon there will be results from that.

Lara and I were able to go out for dinner tonight, thanks to Timmy being watched at the hospital by both staff and friends. We visited Claim Jumper for our favorite Glazed Walnut & Asian Pear Salad, followed by the Braised Short Ribs, and some berry pie for dessert (one of the few things on the dessert menu that didn’t contain dairy). It was wonderful to enjoy some good food and have some time just to talk.

Unrelated, but while I’m thinking about it...iTunes is offering Brooke Fraser’s Albertine album as an “Editor’s Choice” special for $6. I downloaded it today on something of a whim because the samples sounded decent and it had a track with the intriguing name of C.S. Lewis Song. And wow, am I glad I did. Simply beautiful music, from the more radio-friendly Shadowfeet to the intimate voice-and-guitar of The Thief. Highly recommended, especially for the price.

That’s it for today...I’ll post more as things progress.


Anonymous said...

And I'll check back regularly! So, does this mean that Wednesday may be g-tube day? Praying...

Anonymous said...

Lara & Marshall,
We are praying for all of you. May God give you peace.
Uncle Bob & Mary Farrington