Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New mobile

The child life specialist brought Timster a mobile for his crib and he

Today Timmy's breathing sounded a bit congested so they did an X-ray to be sure that he didn't breathe in any of the vomit and get pneumonia. We are waiting for the results.

Meanwhile the doctor wants to get Timmy off of the IV before sending us home and Mama is getting impatient and not sure she wants to wait that long.

We had a close call where we almost lost the IV in his head but we have an awesome nurse today and she was able to save it.

Please pray for understanding night nurses who will let Timmy sleep at night. Last night's was awesome but it is a constant challenge, especially because it is fairly rare that we get the same nurse more than 1-2 nights.

Thank God for our new roommate's mom who has been a great encouragement to me. Please pray for another good and quiet roommate when they go home, which will probably be today.


Anonymous said...

Praying for that comfort of home!! You guys are just surrounded by so may blessings by others!! See you soon. Hugs and kisses and love as always. Oma

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how very much you want Timmy to be sent home. You've been sitting in that chair for so many hours, and it's sure not like a bed at night, either.

I'm praying for all the things you mentioned, and thanking the Lord for your new roommate's mom. I bet you were a blessing to her, too!
Love, Donna Stark