Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Timmy has not vomited and has had just enough seizure activity that we were able to remove the EEG. However, for the past few days he has had almost constant pain from reflux. Tomorrow we hope to try again to put his feeding tube past his stomach in hopes that that will reduce his pain and get us home. For now we put him back on the Nutramigen formula since that one, though not perfect, seemed to work better than the soy formula.

Tomorrow we also have our interview for the Medi-Cal waiver. Please pray that it will go well and we will be accepted.

Another cool thing that happened today was that Timmy got to meet his great great uncle Ron. Mom and Uncle Ron and I enjoyed some time with Timmy and then a nice lunch in the hospital cafeteria. (This paranoid mother doesn't like to go too far from her little one so we stayed close by.) I am wishing now that I had gotten a picture. Sad.

It has also been great this week to have Mom (Oma) here. It has been great to have a helping hand and a chance to get some extra nights in my own bed while she stayed with Timster.

Plans are still underway for a baby dedication and birthday party the weekend before Timmy's birthday but the details are still being worked out, particularly if we are still in the hospital. Hard to predict at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, been thinking about you all week. I can't even tell you how many formulas we tried. We finally settled on Peptamen Jr Prebio. Who knows...Glad the EEG is off - not our favorite thing either. and, so glad you were able to spend time with Uncle Ron.