Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday morning

Timmy is doing much better in the step-down room. There's far less activity and noise than the room he was in last week, and he's having an easier time sleeping. Last night the hospital re-arranged the kids in the unit so that Timmy's previous roommate -- who was still rather noisy -- was moved to another room with a noisy kid, and Timmy has a new roommate who is expected to be more quiet. So that's all good.

The seizures seem to be under control at the moment; he hasn't had any since Saturday morning. He did have some pretty severe vomiting yesterday morning, however, so they stopped his tube feedings for a while, just keeping him on the IV. He's now taking some small amounts again and is handling them well. The doctors think that the vomiting may be partly caused by constipation, so they're trying to treat that. It was also discovered that Timmy has a urinary tract infection, so he's been given some antibiotics to treat that as well.

One thing we're very happy about is that the neurologist who's been working with Timmy is back from vacation and will be the attending physician starting today. While things have been better this weekend under the neurology group than they were last week under the GI group, it helps to have someone who's specifically familiar with Timmy.

Once again, sorry about the lack of the comment feature on the blog. So far we haven't gotten any word on when it will be fixed. If it doesn't get resolved soon, we may switch to a different provider for our blog; if this happens, the site's address will still be the same, it's just that it will look a bit different.

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