Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday morning update

Well, the visit with the doctor yesterday was pretty brief, but I’ll see if I can summarize what I got out of it.

Despite spending most of his time with the pH probe in an upright position and fasting for the upper GI test (not ideal conditions for finding reflux), he still tested positive for reflux. So they’re going to put him on a couple of medications for it. They also put the NG tube in last night and put him on a feeding pump while we see what he can tolerate as far as quantity goes. (A friend from church, who both knows Timmy and is also a retired nurse and nurse educator, watched Timmy last night so we could both sleep at home. We don’t know yet how that went.) Then the wait for the G-tube surgery is so long that they are sending us home in the meantime. So then we’ll come back for it as an outpatient procedure.

Prayer requests:
  • That if the Nissen Fundoplication surgery is not a good idea for Timmy, God would change our minds about it.
  • That if the Nissen surgery is just what Timmy needs, that the schedule would open up for it to happen ASAP.
  • That the NG tube would stay put! Replacing it makes Timmy hyperventilate and scream and get all stiff and fussy, which really wears him out. Once it’s in and he’s had a rest, it’s OK. But the process of putting it in his nose makes him extremely anxious. The nurses commented that his reaction was one of the worst they’ve seen. This makes me not want to be the one who has to put it back in if he takes it out. And so far, while he is not very coordinated with other things, he is quite coordinated at removing the tube from his nose.
  • That we would not leave the hospital unless we are sure that Timmy is tolerating the formula feedings well.
  • Continued thanks for our families and friends who are doing such a great job of supporting us. 
  • That all of the paperwork for secondary insurance applications would go through quickly to cover things like the feeding equipment and home health nurses, as well as the hospital stays and the surgery coming up.
OK. I’m off to feed Brutus and get back to the hospital, hopefully before the shift change.

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