Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting ready for the hospital

I find it very odd to say that I am looking forward to going to the hospital tomorrow. Why am I looking forward to it?

For one thing, I am looking forward to Timmy’s time and energy being used for playing and growing rather than for eating. The G Tube should help with that.

Secondly, Timmy has still been having problems eating which I think are tied to reflux. That will be something they’ll be testing for. If he tests positive for reflux, they will probably suggest that we do a nissen fundoplication surgery to correct it. I hope and assume that this would happen at the same time as the insertion of the G Tube.

Please pray that all the pieces would fall into place for Timmy to be admitted tomorrow, preferably to the unit where our friend works. Please pray for Timmy’s (and for my and Marshall’s) energy level and stress level throughout the whole process, and that he would have a quick recovery. Please pray that we would have wisdom about what procedures would make Timmy the most comfortable. Please pray for steady hands and clear minds for the surgeons, doctors, and technicians. And please pray for us as we go through the emotional, physical, and financial stresses that come with having a kid in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Christ be with you, Christ before you, Christ behind you, Christ be in you, Christ beneath you, Christ above you, Christ on your right, Christ on our left, Christ where you sit, Christ where you stand, Christ in the heart of everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lara and Marshall,

We will continue to pray for Timmy and for both of you. We will pray that Dr. Micheals is on duty (or Dr. would love him...and it doesn't hurt that he goes to our church). We will pray that Timmy gets admitted, and put in a room that you all will get the most peace and quitet. We will pray that the surgery goes well and quickly.

Remember that God is in complete control. It is no accident that you are living close to one of the best hospitals in the country. Be assured that you are here because God knew that you should be here! I often thank God that Dalton was born in this country and at this time in history. He most likely would not have survived his birth otherwise. Thank God that there are surgeries to control reflux! Thank God for the advancements in Neurology and Gastroenterology!! Thank God for eternal life in heaven where our special little ones will run, and jump and sing praises to Him!!

Remember, that your friends are just a phone call away! Please keep Cindy S. posted, so she can let us know exactly how to help you through your time in the hospital.

Dalton will say a special prayer...for the Nissin and the tube sugeries. He is sitting next to me and he says that he will pray that "the surgery won't hurt, that Timmy will sleep better after the surgery, that the tube will help Timmy eat better, that Lara and Marshall will sleep better after the surgery, and that Lara and Marshall get to go on a date." These are the prayers of one of God's special ones for another of God's special ones.

God Bless all of you,
Julie (and the rest of the Ross')

Anonymous said...

Julie's comments made me weep, and I echo her prayers. Lord, You are strong and mighty to save. You love Timmy and his parents, and have a perfect plan. Keep him safe, the doctors in peak performance, and Marshall and Lara in peace. Amen!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Timmy...Although I don't know what has happened yet (we are so out of the loop on vacation of course!!!), I am still praying for your peace and calm, and for Timmy's healing!!

I think Mom sent out the wedge today.

We hope and pray all is going well!!

Love you all,
Auntie Ingee and Uncle Andy (and family!!)