Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello again from Aunt Beth

Today's blog post from Aunt Beth:

Hello again from Aunt Beth. In all the business of what has been going on, I wanted to share (and remember) some of the weird & funny situations encountered on my trip to visit and encourage Lara & Marshall.

The first story is literally the first story of my time out here.  I arrived here at 11:00 pm.  After we landed in CA, a woman who had been in the same row as me asked if she could use my phone to quickly call her husband, because her phone had just died.  After she called on my phone, we struck up a conversation.  She asked me what brought me to CA and, since she was also from Redlands, who I was visiting.  Once I said my sister, Lara Elfstrand, she immediately said, "Oh, Lara & Marshall!"  Long story short: they go to the same church, and she knew Timmy has been having issues.  After we got off the plane, her husband ended up calling my phone, thinking he was calling his wife.  I made Lara answer.  When he discovered he was talking to Lara, he was so confused.  "Lara?!?!  How did I call you when I called my wife back?"   It's just a small world...

Bath time: Timmy has been getting sponge baths at the hosipital.  Yesterday Lara & I bathed him, one on each side.  To be poked and pulled every which way by the doctors, and then by Mom & takes a lot out of a little one.  Tim's hands are usually clenched in a fist. Towards the end of the bath, Timmy told us he was done by fisting his hand, but with the middle finger nice & straight.  Now we know he really doesn't know about the middle finger, but it was a good laugh.

My welcome from Timmy: Thursday morning I started to hold Timmy so Lara could run an errand.  I didn't know at the time that he hadn't pooped in a bit... Well, he pooped, and everyone was very excited, until we found he had pooped all over the place!!!  It was on my leg, my clothes, the floor, the crib, and up & down him!!!  Well once we all got cleaned up, I was holding him again when his tummy got upset, and he then proceeded to puke all over me.  I told Timmy, "I guess I came all the way from New York so you can poop & puke on me.  I'm glad I could help you get it out."  I ended up having to go back to Lara & Marshall's house so I could clean myself & my clothes.

Lara & Marshall have a large group of people here bringing food & encouraging them in this tough time.  Thanks to all for the support.  It helps us who aren't in the same state to know that they are still getting much needed hugs & support.

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I am so happy for you, Lara, Marshal and Timmy that you are there visiting and supporting. Give everyone my best. It is so nice to hear that there are people there to support the family. I continue to keep everyone in my daily prayers.