Tuesday, July 01, 2008

G-tube book

I was looking around the Carepages for Derek Swanson and found a link to this children’s book about G tubes (PDF).  This is the kind of a feeding tube that Timmy’s going to have. I thought this was pretty helpful, even for me.


Anonymous said...

HI Lara and Marshall, I just read the story about the g-tube, what a great book. It is very true that it takes awhile for the skin around the button to heal but after that it will come easier and easier for you to feed him. You are in our prayers. Thankyou for the daily updates. Love, Aunt Diane

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. It really helps curb the fear of the unknown.
Love, prayers, cares, hugs, smiles and kisses.

Anonymous said...

That's excellent. I skimmed it though, so I'm still wondering what kind of food it is. Is it prepackaged? Do you blend things yourself? I guess you'll know all of it by the end of next week, huh?

Love you and really grateful for all the updates.

Lara said...

Well, what we're doing right now with the NG tube is that I'm offering 3 meals a day of solids by mouth, and then I'm giving breastmilk or Nutramigen formula either by bottle or in the tube. I'm aiming for 4-5 milk meals and 3 solids meals. But right now I'm putting any liquid into the tube that he would otherwise take by mouth (breastmilk, formula, juice). So if he's up for a bottle then I'll give it to him, but if the bottle isn't working or if I am out of breastmilk and have to give the icky tasting formula, then I put it in the tube. It should be the same with the new tube, but the tube will be placed in his tummy rather than in his nose. As he gets too old for infant formula or if he rejects solids altogether, then we'll have to look into different options with more nutrition.