Thursday, July 31, 2008

N-J tube placement

There is so much "hurry up and wait" in hospital life. There has been a lot of waiting and then at lunchtime today the nurse interviewer was here from Medi-Cal at the same time that the radiologists were ready to place Timmy's feeding tube lower, past the tummy. So we did the interview first and then went down to radiology. We are so thankful that the tube was placed successfully. Right now Timster is sleeping in my arms and getting pedialyte in his tube just to test it out before we use it for formula.

Please continue to pray for wisdom about whether Timmy needs the nissen and feeding tube surgery or whether it would be too much for him and would cause undue suffering. Hopefully this new tube placement will make it very clear. Because it is past the tummy we are hoping it will be a way to control the reflux without the surgery. But he has been having so much pain that it is hard to know whether it is harder on him to do the surgery or not to. And if we do need the surgery then we need to convince the surgeons that they should do it and they need to find time in their busy schedules as it sounds like they are always overbooked.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I understand how painful reflux is on little ones! Although I'm sure now Timmy's has surpassed Amberleigh's. Either way, it's a miserable experience. I will continue to pray for the surgery - if he needs it, that it become clear to you and the doctors, and if he doesn't, then for THAT to become clear as well! I hope you guys get to go home soon, if that's what would be good for you. We love you and are really looking forward to seeing you!